Soup broth!

Making your own soup broth is very easy. Requires no fancy recipe, yields a great product with very basic ingredients.

Having a large family, we usually prepare two Thanksgiving turkeys averaging around twenty pounds each. After carving and de-boning each bird, I freeze the carcasses for soup. Taking advantage of this past long weekend, I set aside a couple of hours to prepare this years soup broth. We use this broth as a base for most of our soup dishes.

I am fortunate to have an electric stove in my shop for all day simmering and baking dishes that will smell up the house! My wife appreciates this for sure.


Carcass of a baked turkey or a couple of chickens. Store bought rotisserie chickens work too! Celery stalks, carrots, parsley and three medium onions. I shop our local grocery discount rack for my broth vegetables, outdated or bruised vegetables work great for this recipe. Rough chop the veggies, and separate the carcass a bit.

To a large stock pot (mine is a 20 quart) add the turkey or chicken and vegetables. Fill the pot with water three inches from the top. Add two tablespoons each of salt and peppercorns. Bring the pot to a boil, turn down to a simmer for a minimum of four hours. Strain and fill the broth into quart soup containers. I purchase these containers from Amazon.

Let cool overnight, cap the filled containers and freeze. These will keep up to a year in the freezer.

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