Restoring an old anvil

I picked up this anvil a couple of years back thinking I would get it home and restore it the same week. Well that didn’t happen! At Christmas my son was home for a visit, we ran across it in the shop and decided to make a base for it. We found a piece of cherry log approximately 18″ in diameter, trimmed it up a bit and marked the shape of the anvil on one end.

After a bit of discussion on how to remove the end grain of this cherry, we decided on the router with a straight bit, freehand. Go slow if your doing this freehand, end grain will catch the router bit and it will run out on you!

The anvil must weigh at least 80-100 pounds! It has some faint markings on it “USA 0 . 3 . 19″ not sue of the maker. The top surface of the anvil had a large gouge or a burn out from a cutting torch. I welded the hole in using Eutectic 640 chrome alloy rod with my arc welder. I ground the weld down with my 4” grinder, then switched to a flap disk to clean the surface up. A bit of sanding and hitting the entire anvil with my wire cup, it was ready for a coat of paint. I sprayed it with primer then two coats of implement enamel from TSC. This is good paint. This will be a nice edition to the shop!

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