Making a wire clamping tool

Having the right size hose clamp on hand or needing a large clamp usually means a trip to the big box store. Worse yet, not having a clamp that fits in your emergency bag while on a trip.

Here’s an easy project to make your own wire clamp tool.

There are a bunch of designs on YouTube and some great videos on how to build them step by step. My version is very simple, an old router wrench and a 7/16″ bolt and washer. I filed a notch in the end of the wrench to accept the wire loop and drilled a 7/16″ hole in the wrench. I cut the threads off the bolt and drilled two 3/16″ holes in the bolt to accept the wire. You can go smaller, I chose 3/16″ so I could use 10 gauge wire for heavy wood binding. I welded a washer between the holes on the bolt to control the bolt on the wrench. You can use any size wire you would like. For the mallet repair, I used 10 gauge galvanized wire. The small 3/8″ hose repair, I used galvanized bailing wire. You can use copper wire, coat hanger or aluminum wire.

This tool and 10 feet of bailing wire will definitely be in my vehicle emergency bag!

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