Giving new life to an old dutch oven

I was helping my mom the other day re-arranging some stuff in her attic. Mom is 83, a very active 83, but I still get nervous for her to pull the garage attic ladder down and navigate the stairs. As she was digging around some boxes, she asked if I wanted my grandmothers dutch oven? I was thrilled! Its an old #9 Griswold dutch oven with a Tite -Top lid. The inside is a bit pitted and rusty, but definitely usable. My grandmother on my fathers side was an outdoors woman from West Virginia. She loved to camp and fish the rivers for trout. This dutch oven was used over an open camp fire many, many times.

After a couple of hours of sanding and hitting it with a wire cup and grinder, it was ready for seasoning. I cant wait to start cooking in it and taking it camping for a pot of chili.

Cowboy Kent Rollins has a great YouTube video on how to season and care for cast Iron. Check it out!

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