Christmas morning biscuits

Christmas morning in Northern Ohio charmed us with eleven inches of snow and eighteen degrees!

A perfect morning to try my hand at biscuits. Inspired by Kent Rollins Cowboy Chef, my biscuits were a hit.

The recipe calls for baking the biscuits in a Dutch Oven, something I want to try when we camp next year. I found I needed to add ten more minutes to the baking time in a conventional oven. I turned the broiler on in my electric oven for a couple of minutes to get the color I was was looking for. These biscuits turned out flaky and delicious.

Firewood Round

My son and I decided to split some wood this weekend! Northern Ohio’s temp was hovering around 20 degrees F. I have been stacking my wood in rounds that are approximately eighteen feet in circumference. The wood was from a large oak tree that fell during a wind storm last month. The tree was large, each round produced 68 pieces of firewood. Very heavy!

Doing some simple calculations, each stacked round holds approximately a full cord of firewood.