Christmas Ornaments

Getting together with family at Christmas is a tradition I have enjoyed since I was a child. Food, gift giving and decorations is what makes Christmas a special time of year. Years back my wife’s family started a tradition to exchange tree ornaments, pulling names so everyone ends up with an ornament. I pulled my brother in laws name, he is a collector and a woodworker, so I decided to make his ornament in lieu of purchasing a store bought. The year was 2006, I decided on a small birdhouse ornament. I continued making a birdhouse ornament each year. When my son finished college he mentioned he would love an ornament as well, now I make two!

Each birdhouse ornament is unique in its own way. I theme them off of jobs I had, building trades, and events.

First year
2008 “The Plumber”
2009 Homegrown Bamboo
2010 Turned acorn
2011 Tinsmith
2012 Electrician
2013 Jail Bird
2014 Bow hunter
2015 Wood chopper
2016 Camper
2017 Mechanic
2018 Welder
2019 Xmas tree salesman
2020 Pandemic Hospital

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